Jeanswest Appoints Administrators Who Close 37 Stores

Could the ongoing increase in the popularity of online shopping be the reason for the store shutdowns we’ve seen that have left so many employees jobless? 263 Jeanswest employees in Australia, including 21 from the head office in Melbourne, have lost their jobs, and 37 stores set to close, administrators have confirmed. Multi-national accounting firm […]

Tips for cleaning your home before selling

If you’re ready to sell your home and buy a new home, it’s time to clean so that potential buyers get a favourable impression when visiting. Here are some quick and easy tips to make that task easier: Think about smells You’ve been living in your home for a long time, so common mild smells […]

Can I Get a Home Loan with a Paid Default?

Managing debt and payment month on month can be challenging. You may often find that you miss out on payments, which could hurt your credit in the long run. The real problems are likely to start when you begin to miss a series of payments or fail to pay the full amount of an instalment […]

Australia’s Top Selling Vehicles for 2019

There are thousands of choices for a car and making up one’s mind when it comes to picking a vehicle has been one of the hardest choices for most people. Amongst the several different makers and the best of their vehicles and models there are a lot to choose from however a few are worth […]

Does taking a personal loan affect your credit score?

Personal loans are useful when you have no other means of getting money. However, they also add a debt burden that stands on record in your credit file. The long and short of it is that personal loans have both a positive and negative impact on your credit scores. As much as it shows your […]

Avoid These Common Credit Card Fees

Did you know that you can avoid paying credit card fees unnecessarily? Most credit cards card come with associated fees such as annual fees, balance transfer fees, and late payment fees, among others.  And all, without exception, can be avoided through discipline and adhering to the terms and conditions offered with the card. So what […]

What Are Payday Loans And Why Are They Bad Idea?

You find yourself in a financial emergency that cannot wait. You may also have a poor credit score, which means that no lender will give you the time of day.  You’re a high risk to them, and they feel that you won’t repay the credit should they give it to you. Then, you come across […]

How Can You Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report?

Do you know your personal credit history and credit scores? Knowing your credit status is vital to help you manage your finances and secure that car loan of your dreams, and getting a credit report is but the first step in getting financially healthy. A credit report not only helps you to understand your current […]