Bankruptcy Loans

Are you currently bankrupt and wanting to apply for a home loan?

The Credit Made Simple team are experts in helping borrowers with unique lending circumstances to borrow.

Backruptcy Loans with Credit Made Simple

We’ve assisted borrowers who are currently bankrupt or previously discharged bankrupt with our access to unique lending products. By looking at your exact circumstances we can provide you options to specific lenders and loan options which will provide a tailored and considered loan, instead of treating you as just another number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some lenders will consider borrower applications that are currently bankrupt or are discharged from their bankruptcy. We have multiple partnerships with lenders which can assist bankrupt and discharged bankrupt applicants to be able to borrow to purchase or refinance existing debts, often at interest rates and fees lower than expected.

Our specialist brokers will need to better understand your current situation, so we’ll generally have a discussion about your scenario, what your needs are and the desired outcome we’re working towards. From there we will need to capture some information to be able to assess the scenario. (but don’t worry, we try to keep this as simple as possible)

Once we’ve reviewed your scenario we can advise you on the lending options available including lenders, repayments, interest rates and fees.

If you’ve entered into a debt agreement, we can still assist you with borrowing and can even use this to help release you from an existing agreement.

Unlike most major lenders, we have lending products which will allow you to borrow without having to wait 2+ years from your bankruptcy date.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance your own home, an investment property or debts related to businesses – we have the skills and products to help you with your needs. We can assist both PAYG workers and business owners with all bankruptcy needs.

Every person’s personal experiences are unique, but there are common scenarios we see often. Bankruptcy due to adverse business circumstances, loss of employment and divorce are scenarios that our broking team have provided solutions to. So if you’re needing to refinance your existing home loan or purchase another property, we have the experience and products to find solutions to your needs.

Why choose Credit Made Simple

The team at Credit Made Simple are specialists in helping those with unique borrowing scenarios, including credit impairment, bad credit, discharged and current bankruptcies. We work without judgement and to help provide better lending outcomes to our clients.

Our award winning team has decades of lending experience helping more borrowers to purchase a new home or refinance existing debts.

Let us help you get to a better financial tomorrow, by contacting Credit Made Simple today.