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Do you have no credit history or bad credit history and are wondering if you could get a home loan? We can help!

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At Credit Made Simple, we have substantial experience in providing competitive bad credit home loans. We have a broad range of bad credit mortgages and bad credit home loans available at low-interest rates compared to other similar lenders.

Our home loans are specially designed to give Australians a wide choice of options, enabling them to secure their desired home even if they’ve failed to meet regular bank credit processes.

Our specialist lending experts will evaluate your credit rating and advise you on how to increase your chances of getting approved for a bad credit home loan

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How Can You Secure A Home Loan With Bad Credit?

If you have failed to get a home loan due to bad credit rating elsewhere, we may be able to help you.
Credit Simple has a team of specialist lenders who will evaluate your current credit situation, and advise you on how you can increase your chances of getting your bad credit home loan approved. If you’d like to learn more about bad credit financiers’ policies, visit our website.

Common Myths About Bad Credit Home Loans

A bad credit rating does not necessarily mean that you cannot secure an investment mortgage or a home loan. The only problem here is that you’ll be required to make a larger deposit than those with secure loans or mortgages.

Below are some of the common myths about bad credit home loans:

• Home loans with bad credit are sometimes issued with up to 90% of the property value
• Persons with bad credit ratings are not eligible for home loans, mortgages or investment property financing
• Securing a home loan with bad credit is not a smart move due to high-interest rates

How Long Does Bad Credit Remain In Your File?

If you have a look at your credit report, you should be able to see all credit enquiries for the past five years. Defaults and judgments will still show on your credit file – whether you’ve paid or not.
Bankruptcy also stays on your credit file for at least seven years. Learn more about Comprehensive Credit Reporting here.

Why Choose Credit Made Simple For Your Bad Credit Home Loans?

Our experienced and knowledgeable specialist lenders have been assisting Australians with bad credit or no credit history to get finance. We will help you with our full range of home loans for no/bad credits.
Credit Made Simple specialises in helping people with no/bad credit and has access to reputable lenders who can accommodate your needs.

Get in touch with our experts today and learn how you can get on the road to owning your home.

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We specialise in securing home loans for bad credit. We look at all your options, regardless of your situation


What Are Some Examples Of Bad Credit?

Some credit impairments that can be classified as bad credit history are:
• Credit files that show multiple credit checks
• Exceeding your credit card limit
• Massive debt as a result of divorce
• Missed payments or unpaid loans and utility bills
• Part IX or X Debt Agreement
• Previous bankruptcy filings
• Recorded credit defaults